Sales Tax Group Plan


Do you currently attend annual contractor sales and use tax law training?

Do you walk away feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to apply what you learned to your specific tax issues?

The Sales Tax Advisory Network, LLC has rolled out a new approach to helping contractors understand the complexities of Wisconsin sales and use tax compliance and it is built around proven adult learning strategies.

Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in adult education, popularized the concept of five teaching strategies for adults, which states that students learn best when:

Adults understand why something is important to know or do.
Adults have the freedom to learn in their own way.
Learning is experiential.
The time is right for them to learn.
The education process is positive and encouraging.


The Contractor Sales Tax Group Plan is a monthly training and support program designed specifically or contractors and the many compliance pitfalls they face with their services and with their purchases. Let us look at the contractor Sales Tax Group Plan to see why it fits perfectly with the five adult learning concepts.

The Contractor Sales Tax Group Plan includes:

 Initial on-site consultation
 Monthly small group training
 Monthly one-on-one virtual meeting
 Quarterly on-site consultation
 Email support
 Audit defense guarantee

Specific & Targeted Training

It is not a secret that Wisconsin contractors struggle with sales and use tax compliance. The solution requires an understanding of your specific business practices and targeted training to guide you on how to correct any issues. The initial on-site consultation provides Holly Hoffman an opportunity to get to know your business and understand what your areas of concern are. She will also be able to identify areas of risk that you did not recognize. This addresses #1 and #4 of the learning concepts. You will understand why learning sales and use tax compliance is important to your business, not in a general sense, but specific to areas of concern and risk within your business.

Small Group Learning

Learning in a small group format is helpful for the instructor to tailor the lesson to the needs of the individual audience members. It allows for more interaction and discussion. Small groups allow for the sharing of concerns and solutions amongst the businesses in the group. It is helpful for a multitude of reasons including identifying new concerns, finding creative solutions, and knowing that you are not alone in your compliance struggles. Group learning helps you learn in your own way as you can hear from other members how they approach the issue or how they understand the tax law. This small group format addresses learning concepts #2 and #5.

One-On-One Guidance

The one-on-one monthly meeting and email support help apply the training to issues as they occur in your business. This is the best learning concept for adults and the most effective for contractor sales and use tax compliance. This is experiential learning (concept #3) because you are learning tax law and applying it within your own business to specific transactions as they occur. The Contractor Sales Tax Group Plan applies to the business, meaning that any employee of the business can attend training or be involved in the consultations. Sales and use tax affect many areas of a business as tax decisions are made when items are purchased or sold; therefore, you may have multiple employees who may benefit from training topics.

Experienced Support

You are supported throughout the learning process by peers and by Holly Hoffman to create a positive and encouraging education process (concept #5). Holly has firsthand experience at the  Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) where she was an auditor, head of the DOR Speaker’s Bureau, created and revised sales tax publications, and provided sales tax rulings to contractors on complex issues. Holly has been working closely with contractors all over Wisconsin on sales and use tax issues for over 10 years.

Audit Defense Guarantee

Holly is so confident in the Contractor Sales Tax Group Plan that she guarantees your audit defense at no additional charge should you receive an audit notice while you are an active Group Plan member. You will benefit from the best training and audit defense with the comfort of knowing you are not in this alone. To qualify for audit defense, you must be a member in good standing at the time of receiving the audit notice and must remain a member for the duration of the audit. Audit defense does not include audit appeals.

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