Are you prepared to pay $5,000 or more

to suffer through a sales tax audit?

In Wisconsin, a sales tax audit period is 4 to 6 years, interest rate is 12% or 18%, and negligence penalty is 25%…additional penalties may apply. A second or third audit may have penalties of 50%!

And hiring a tax professional to represent you in a sales tax audit costs anywhere from $200-$450 an hour ($5,000 or more for an audit). 

What if you could have a top Wisconsin sales tax professional and former Wisconsin Department of Revenue auditor available to answer your day-to-day tax questions, provide training, and represent you in a sales tax audit for less than $53 a week?

Sales Tax Audit Protection Plan


  • Access to Holly Hoffman, tax professional/former WI Dept of Revenue auditor, to answer your sales and use tax questions as they arise
  • Guaranteed sales & use tax audit defense (no additional cost)
  • Monthly tips and strategies to reduce your audit risk
  • Sales & use tax training webinars
  • Annual on-site review to prevent unforeseen audit actions

For $210 per month, receive advisory services, training, and sales tax audit representation to ensure you are not high risk to be selected for an audit and, if selected, you are fully prepared to defend your business for no additional cost.

Do not risk another day, call Holly now at (715) 498-4164 or email

*NOTE: Holly recommends starting with Sales & Use Tax Compliance Assessment to fully understand the status of your sales and use tax system. Purchased with the Protection Plan, receive the Compliance Assessment for only $500 (a savings of $1,000)!

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